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Fans are always curious to know about their favorite celebrities and happenings. Who is Bridget Rooney? Also, she is famous for her relationship with Kevin Costner. But this is not the only reason for her fame. Let us take a look at her life. You will find out about the life of Bridget Rooney, including her biography, age, and net worth.

Bridget Rooney Biography

Bridget Rooney Koch, aka Bridget Rooney, is a famous Hollywood celebrity. She was born in May 1962 in the city of California, USA. From a young age, she was apt for performing arts. So this passion for acting led her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

But her actual career in acting was for a short time. After completing her formal education, Bridget Rooney began her acting journey. But she only played a significant role in the movie ‘Zombie or Not Zombie.’ Her talent and dedication quickly caught the attention of industry professionals, paving the way for more significant opportunities. But she didn’t appear in any other movie till now.

She is the aunt of famous TV and film actress Kate Mara & Rooney Mara. Both have earned a name in the industry through phenomenal acting in Netflix series and movies. She is the mother of Liam Costner. Moreover, her family has been famous for their political, sports, and film industry background for years. 

Bridget Rooney Age

As of 2023, Bridget Rooney is 61. Despite the passing years, Bridget Rooney continues to shine with her charisma. Her age has never affected how fresh she looks always. Her timeless beauty has made her a famous figure in the entertainment industry.

Bridget Rooney’s Net Worth

Bridget Rooney’s successful life and privileged background have brought her financial freedom and wealth. Apart from a wealthy background, she is also working on multiple projects. So, her net worth is estimated to be around $2M. 

Not only this, she is the owner of Pittsburgh Steelers, which was founded by her grandfather Art Rooney. Also, her family owns the Palm Beach Kennel Club. Additionally, she is married to the billionaire Bill Koch.

Bridget Rooney’s Relationship With Kevin Costner

Bridget Rooney’s relationship with actor Kevin Costner has been the subject of much speculation and public interest. Both the actors first started dating and soon developed a strong bond on and off-screen. But their romance lasted for a short time.

They also had a son during this relationship, who they named Liam Costner. But soon, their relationship ended. Later she got married to a billionaire and is living a happy life.

Bridget Rooney Husband

bridget rooney

Bridget Rooney’s husband is Bill Koch. The couple tied the knot in the mid-2000s, surrounded by their close friends and family. Bridget Rooney and her husband have built a strong and loving relationship despite their demanding careers. They support each other’s dreams and aspirations. Additionally, they have a daughter named Kaitlin Koch. They have a healthy relationship and nurture a strong partnership.


In conclusion, Bridget Rooney is a talented actress and philanthropist. Although her career is short-lived, she significantly impacted the film industry. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Mrs. Koch is a loving mother and a devoted partner. Lastly, her journey inspires aspiring actors and individuals seeking to balance personal and professional pursuits.

Bridget Rooney is a well-known personality. She is famous for her talent and strong political, sports, and film industry background. Her remarkable performance in Zombie or Not Zombie has captivated audiences, leaving a lasting impression on critics and fans. In addition to her successful acting career, she is a devoted mother. She has balanced her personal and professional life gracefully. Keep following our blog for more informative content.

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